& 2017 USAWKF National TRADITIONAL Wushu TEAM TRIALs Rules:
1. Date:                                May 28, 2017
2. Location:                         Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel
2 Convention Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
3. Organizer:                      Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy of America (USAWKF Event)
                                                Huaxia Chinese School at Plainsboro (HXPCS)
     Co-Organizer:               Wudang Kungfu Academy
                               Kung Fu Magazine
                                                US Wushu Academy
4. Competition events: Wushu Taolu series, including different kinds of hand forms, weapons in single, pair, confrontation and group routine series (See Appendix 1, 4)
5. Methods of registration:
·               All Wushu associations, health qigong organizations, schools throughout the world and fans in Wushu may get in their entries individually or by forming teams
.               2017 USAWKF National Traditional Wushu Team Trials applicant must be a legal US Resident and member of USAWKF
·               For Group Wushu act Performance, more than 6 people can be grouped together.
·               Overall group event: If more than 10 people (can be male or female) take part in individual event, they will have an opportunity to win overall group championship.
·               Ages and health conditions of the Competitors shall be checked by the teams or by Competitors themselves. Participating teams or individuals shall be responsible for any accidental injuries and deaths caused by health problems during the games and bear relevant medical expenses.
6. Details of Regulations:
·               The competition comprises of Single events, Group events, and overall group event.
·               The rules and regulations being used in this competition “the traditional competition method” formulated by the Wushu Administrative Center of General Administration Sport; “Health Qigong demonstration competition scoring calculation method” formulated by the Health Qigong Management Center of General China Sports Bureau and all additional rules of information will be included in this regulation.
·               Competition age categories:
                Children (Division A):
                Division A1     under 6 years old            (born after 1 Jan 2012)
                Division A2     6-7 years old                   (born between 2010-2011)
                Division A3     8-9 years old                   (born between 2008-2009)
                Division A4     10-11 years old               (born between 2006-2007)
                Children (Division B):
                Division B1     12-13 years old               (born between 2004-2005)
                Division B2     14-15 years old               (born between 2002-2003)
                Division B3     16-17 years old               (born between 2000-2001)
                Youth (Division C):
                Division C1     18-24 years old               (born between 1993-1999)
                Division C2     25-29 years old               (born between 1988-1992)
                Division C3     30-34 years old               (born between 1983-1987)
                Division C4     35-39 years old               (born between 1978-1982)
                Young Adult (Division D)      
                Division D1    40-49 years old                (born between 1968-1977)
                Division D2     50-59 years old               (born between 1958-1967)
                Adult (Division E):
                Division E1    above 60 years old           (born before 31 Dec, 1957)
·               Time limitation of all events:
o    Time of every single and pair routine series must be between 40 seconds to 4 min (not including health qigong).
o    The arbitrator will make a beep sound to hint the athlete when they play after 2-4 min.  All participate Taichiquan, Taolu, popular Taolu(42 Taijiquan hand form, 48 Taijiquan hand form, Chen Taijiquan hand form, Yang Taijiquan hand form, Wu Taijiquan hand form, Sun Taijiquan hand form, Wu Taijiquan hand form) should only requested to play the whole first half movement. Popular Taolu (24 Taijiquan hand form, 32 Taiji straight sword,) only requested to play the first to third sections movements, no point will be deducted.
o    Time of group routine event must be between 1- 4 minutes
o    Time of health Qigong event does not exceed 6 minutes (including single and group event).
·               Regulation in Music
o    Group routine series: Any music accompanying the performance is allowed.
o    No music is allowed for any other events.
·               Group events: age and gender are not specified.
·               No unified standard for competition costumes. Competitors are to wear their own Kungfu costumes or uniforms for their events or performance.
·               Costumes and equipment are to be prepared by the competitors themselves. There are some on sale.
7. Rankings and Awards:
·               Awards are presented to the top 8 places of Single base on different classifications, age groups, male group and female group. Top 3 players will receive gold, silver and bronze medals. Rank 4-8 will receive medals.
·               Awards are presented to the top 8 places of Pair base on different classifications, age groups, male group and female group. Top 3 players will receive gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Rank 4-8 will receive medals.
·               For group events, rankings will not be based on the different classifications, age groups, male group and female group, top 8 pairs will be recorded.  Top 3 teams will receive medals respectively; rank 4-6 will medal respectively.
·               Group total points: awards are presented to the top 8places. And will receive medals respectively.
.               2017 USAWKF National  Traditional Wushu Team Trials: Top 3 on individual event and scores 8.5 or above.
8. Scores calculation methods:
·               Group event Calculation Method: A team with not less than 10 competitors will be regarded as scoring unit.  Scores for teams of more than 10 players will be settled by the total scores of the best 10 players.  Team with the highest score wins the championship; team with the second highest score the runner-up, etc.
9. Registrations and Relevant Charges:
·               Application Deadline: before May 10, 2017
·               Application for participant fee: $70/person. Each event is $20.(Total $90 if register for one event). Participant fee would be paid before May 10, 2017. If later participant fee would be $90 per person (it includes all the registration charges, participation charges and one item charge for the participant).
·               Application for group event: $400
·               Appreciation for Masters’ performances: $20/person (including the ticket.)
·               Those that are not able to participate in the competition due to urgent reasons after registration, no refund will be claimed.
·               After the registration form has being sent out, any amendment (including any additional information) of the registration form is not allowed.  For those urgent and special cases, participants must send in a form request (amendment letter) altogether with amendment fee $25.
·               All teams are to be registered in before 8:30 AM, 28th May, 2017.
·               Please remember to bring the following document before registered:
                                o    Registration form
o    Copy of identify card or copy of residential account, or passport.
o    CD for the competition events.
·               All competitors must arrive before 8:30am on May 28, 2017 and attend the opening ceremony, closing ceremony.
10.  General referee, deputy referee and arbitration committee members are to be appointed by the organizing committee.  Referees are to be those appointed by the teams and those volunteers recommended by various Wushu associations (certified by the organizing committee).
11. Organizing committee will inform fellow participants regarding any additional information formally, if any.  
12.  Interpretation of all the regulations and rules of the games is subject to the understanding of the 2017 NJ International Wushu competition Organizing committee.